What is Unhealthy Diet and Its Effects on Teen Health

An unhealthy diet is a diet which do not provide necessary nutrients for the body and some times it may be referred to excess eating which causes number of chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer. One of the major effects of the unhealthy diet is on children and it causes obesity and also diabetes in them.

The teens effected with the obesity due to unhealthy food have the substance called C reactive protein, as much as, ten times greater than the normal child which causes inflammation through out the body. Homo cysteine is an amino acid which is responsible for causing the diseases related to heart and blood vessels. It is 62 percent higher in obese youngsters than in those of normal weight children. Teens having obesity have more signs of oxidative stress that leads to inflammation, and an increase in blood vessel damage and stiffening.

Another disease that may be caused to the children due to unhealthy food is diabetes, which shows the symptoms like eye damage, circulatory problems and kidney failure to worsen as they age. Diabetes causes increase in the blood sugar levels because of a lack of insulin and this situation of raised sugars lead to high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney damage, etc.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates show that there are 2.7 million deaths occurring due to a diet low in fruit and vegetable every year. Globally it is estimated that unhealthy diet is causing about 19 percent of gastrointestinal cancer, 31 percent of ischaemic heart disease, and 11 percent of heart strokes, so this tells the importance of the healthy food which leads to healthy living.

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