Different Types of Clothes Used in Hotels for Bedding

The clothing used for bedding in a hotel must be soft to give the guests homely experience and personal luxury. To do this there are many types of clothes used for bedding in a hotel and those are given below:

Hotel Pillows:
Pillows are used for support for the head while sleeping in a bed and there are some pillows called as throw pillows which can be used as a decorative items in a hotel room. There are mainly three types of pillows, bed pillows, orthopedic pillows and decorative pillows.

Hotel Blankets:
A blanket is large piece of cloth used in bedding to keep the user warm while sleeping. Hotel blankets provide warmth, hygiene, comfort and aesthetics for the guests. Blankets are sub divided in to quilts, duvets and comforters, depending on the thickness. Throw blankets are available in decorative colors and patterns. And they can be used for extra warmth outside of the bed.

Hotel Mattress Pads:
Mattress pads are a piece of material placed on the top of bed for extra comfort and support. They can improve the feel and comfort of the guests to your hotel. These pads can be prepared from different materials like feathers, memory foam, straw, latex, polyurethane foams, cotton or polyester, etc. There are different types of mattress pads used in hotels like heated pad, water proof mattress pads, etc.

Hotel Bed Spreads:
Soft, comfortable and cozy bed spreads increases the comfort of the guest and they are also used as decorative items, to change the look of the hotel room. There are many types of bed spreads prepared from different types of material like Cotton, silk and they are available in different sizes.

Hotel Sheets:
Sheets in a hotel are used to cover the mattress. Basic fitted sheets will have elastic sewn around the corner edges. Fitted sheets are available in a variety of pocket depths, which depends on the thickness of mattress.

Provision of proper bedding, creates a good impression on the guests regarding the image of the hotel.

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