Have a Beautiful Smile with Gum Sculpting

All of us wish to look beautiful and have a pleasing smile. Having a smiling face positively influences the people surrounding you. However, certain smile design principles like the facial and dental features and aesthetics affect the nature of your smile. Gingival or gum aesthetics is one of the design principles for smile. Uneven or excessive exposure of gum tissues and other gum problems are common for many people who hesitate to smile or speak. Gum sculpting is a perfect solution for such people.

Gum sculpting is nothing but the process of reshaping the gum tissue around the teeth. It is also termed as gum contouring. It treats the problems like gummy smile, uneven gums, exposed root surfaces and loss of small amounts of gum tissue between your teeth. Any extra gum tissue is removed by gum sculpting exposing only a part of the your teeth that is normally visible for a perfect smile. The gum line is lifted in the process to reveal more teeth even out of the gum line for enhanced symmetry.

This procedure is generally conducted to enhance the smile and for cosmetic reasons. However, it can also be done for improving oral health. For instance, improper tooth brushing may cause deep gum pockets which can be cured by gum sculpting.

It takes just half an hour to complete the process and you can have only one visit to the dentist. A local anesthetic is applied to the gums and then a soft laser is used to trim away, re-counter and seal the excess gum tissue. No bleeding or stitches are involved in the process and you don’t even experience minor discomfort or pain. Hence, go for a dentist immediately if you wish to get away from a gummy to a perfect and pleasing smile.

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