Certain Smile Design Principles for a Perfect Smile

Smile is the best expression to understand the nature of the person. It is the way of your smile that creates an impression on the other person’s mind. An aesthetically pleasing smile attracts the people surrounding you and lures their attention. It also shows your self-consciousness. However, there are certain smile design principles which are a cause of a perfect smile. Read on further to know about them.

  • Facial aesthetics is the most important principle of smile. Facial and muscular considerations differ from person to person which affects the impact of smile. For instance, the position and features of your lips vary the frame of your smile when you speak, smile or laugh.
  • The characteristics of your teeth like their position, color and other things also affects the smile. The way they reflect the light and presence of any marks on them are going to affect the aesthetic appearance of your smile. This is also variable for individuals as it is based on the anatomy of the natural teeth.
  • Even the aesthetics of gum is also another important principle for smile. The appearance of the gums and their health are the elements which affect your smile. If the gums are exposed more, and if you have uneven gum contours, then you may not have a beautiful smile. Many people face common problems like inflammation and exposed root surfaces that distract them from a pleasing smile.
  • The relationship between the front teeth, surrounding tissue landmarks and facial characteristics also design your smile.

If you think that you have any issues with these smile design principles, then consult a cosmetic dentist for your smile makeover.

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