Dancing Techniques with Glow Sticks

While kids enjoy playing with glow sticks, adults enjoy by decorating glow sticks and making their party look special. But, there are also another sect of people who like glow light partying, they are none other than youngsters. Dancing in a party is like enjoying the party to the fullest for some and it is a kind of passion to many of them. So, if they get a stage which is glowing and looking more colorful, no body can stop them from doing dance.

Since these glow sticks have become a part of culture in most of the pubs and clubs some dancing styles have also been invented using these glow sticks. Let us check the major forms of them.

Basically there are two main types: Free Hand Style and the Glow Stringing Style.

Free Hand Style: Free hand style dancing involves holding the glow stick in hand and move them in the required fashion. It also involves so many free hand techniques. One of them is tracing. Tracing is the act of tracing any part of your body with the glow stick to give it an outline. The other one is Liquid. It is a technique that involves moving the glow sticks through mid air in a visually appealing way. Kicking and tapping are techniques in which glow sticks are juggled with feet and other body parts. Free hand throw is an another technique involved in free hand style.

Glow String Techniques: Glow String technique involves many moves. The most commonly used are the formation of number eight, butterflies and fountains. It also involves a technique called flowers, in which the arms are moved in circular motions. Different petal varieties are made with these flower technique. Wraps is some other technique, which involves wrapping the strings around the body.

These are some popular varieties of dancing styles which are formed using these glow sticks.

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