Funny Zebra Glow Sticks for Exciting Night Events

It’s often known that glow sticks are the general glow novelties seen in dark night celebrations. They are often available in different colors such as white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple. But, have you ever heard of zebra glow sticks? The name itself seems very interesting. Right! Then go on to know about these unique funny glow sticks.

Zebra glow sticks include special design of black zebra patterns that are printed on a normal white-colored glow stick. As the white glow sticks glows in dark, the zebra patterns on it are made visible on the lighting stick. So, once you activate the glow stick, you see a zebra glow stick excellently glowing in dark for a long time. They can be even made of different color combinations if needed. However, the natural black and white look of the glow stick looks good. Certain zebra glow sticks even may be flashing including batteries that are simply rechargeable. They are simple to use as it is sufficient to just press the power button to lighten.

Special themed events in dark such as zoo, safari or jungle themed events are perfect places for zebra glow sticks. Children love to use glow sticks and parties with such themes offering zebra glow sticks as party favors as they look elegant. As they look more interesting, people get attracted to the new style of glow sticks. In addition, they can be customized. More often, promotion events by companies offering light-up animal toys can use these zebra glow sticks. The name, symbol or logo of the business can be printed on the glow stick. The unique appearance of zebra glow sticks drags the attention of the guests of late night parties. Glow sticks often assure fun and safety for various outdoor activities. Carrying these zebra glow sticks can add up your fun and at the same time provide safety. Though meant for the same purposes, it’s more thrilling to use creative zebra glow sticks.

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