Don’ts While Traveling to a New Place

Traveling is fun. It is fun to travel to new places, discover new things, meet different people, adopt their culture for a while, taste new food, dare some challenges and live a life younger than your current age. The fun is unaccountable and unmeasurable. It gives you break from regular places and sights and adds vigor and color to your life. Let it be friends, family or relatives; traveling is so much fun and there is still a lot left to explore. Just some certain things to be kept in mind to ensure that the trip is memorable.

Don’ts while traveling

  • Mocking culture, tradition, people and their language. This can get you arrested as per country’s law and things can get very worse.

  • Make fun in particular of deities. This can attract unprecedented consequences and legal and local wrath on you. Least you want to experience on your trip.

  • Break any national rules. Almost each country is governed by some set of rules and every tourist is expected to follow them. Your actions and stay in a place brings you under the jurisdiction of the law of the land.

  • Get into scuffles. People may try to provoke you for some interest. But simply ignore them and continue with your trip. Getting into brawls can get you charged with infringement of law.

  • Get too close to a local. Some of the locals may try to befriend you and get close to you in order to cheat you later and get away with your belongings and valuables.

  • Eat at a filthy place. You should always eat at a hygienic place and drink good water. It will protect you from getting sick over the trip.

  • Visit dangerous places with family. There are some places in every countries which are not suitable for civilized people due to presence of anti-social elements. Such places should be kept off the list even if they are interesting.

  • Get casual with people and belonging. Your companions and belongings are your responsibility over the trip. Getting casual with these things may lead to you losing them.

  • Stay in unreputable places. Always stay in a good hotel, even if it is little expensive. You never know what kind of business happens in unreputable places.

  • Do not get over drunk during your travel. You will become easy victim to burglars and law of the land.

  • Always travel in groups and avoid secluded places during night. You might be overpowered and looted.

  • Pickpockets will haunt you like shadows till they steal something. You may lose your passport and all your money for worse.

Avoiding these little things can save you from big troubles.

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