Types Of Portable Electric Heater

Electric heaters are gaining huge popularity due to their energy efficient features. Electric heaters are environmental friendly devices and are easily maintainable. Portable electric heaters are also getting popularity due to their heating facilities. Portable electric space heaters are very beneficial to maintain and to transfer from one place to other place.

A portable electric heater is available in different types like radiant heaters, oil filled heaters and ceramic-infrared-heaters and more. Let us know about these types in brief.

Radiant heaters: These heaters are more beneficial for small space heating. Mostly people use radiant heaters at their office rooms and individual rooms at homes. Radiant heaters convert the radiant energy into heating energy.

Oil filled heaters: Oil filled heaters are more economical heat producers and environmental friendly heat producers. These devices come with thermal seal with oil inside which requires no refilling and no replacement. Heating elements heat the oil and then the heated oil emits the heat outside to the surroundings.

Ceramic heaters: Ceramic infrared heaters use ceramic as a mediator. They take less time for producing heat. Ceramic-infrared-heaters are environmental friendly devices and more economical to users.

Electric heaters come with environmental friendly facilities because they never produce the ash and carbon monoxide. They produce heat at a standard level.

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