Study Finds the Reason for Gaining Weight upon Quitting Smoking

Illicit drugs like tobacco causes many health effects. Smoking is one of the common things seen among people worldwide. It is responsible for the occurrence of respiratory illnesses, different types of cancers and many other health problems. It is, therefore, suggested to quit smoking. However, it is found that some people do not quit it worrying about the weight gain associated with stopping smoking. A study finds the reason for the weight gain upon quitting smoking.

Research study by the Yale university found that nicotine present in tobacco binds to specific receptors present on the brain which promote addiction. It was found that nicotine also binds to other receptors present on the hypothalamus region. These receptors are involved in regulation of appetite.

The study included research on mice using nicotine and also other drug called cytisine, which like nicotine also binds to the receptors of appetite regulation. It was found that, when nicotine was given to the mice which do not have these appetite regulating receptors, there was no weight loss. The mice were found to be like the normal mice. This suggested that the nicotine binds to these appetite regulating receptors.

Among smokers, these receptors are occupied by the nicotine. So, they do not feel like eating. Where as, when they quit smoking, the receptors are free and not bound by nicotine. As a result, they are not restricted to stop eating. This is the main reason for increasing weight among people who quit smoking.

It is very silly to be away from quitting the habit thinking of the weight gain. Smoking causes cancer, heart attacks and many other ailments which are more serious and life-threatening than the weight gain.

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