What is a Word Game? What are the Types of Word Games?

Word games, also known as board games are designed to test the ability with language or explore its properties. They are generally designed as a means of entertainment, but have been found to serve as an educational purpose as well.

Playing word game is a favorite pastime that can keep your normal brain function intact while learning new words and also the world around you. Word games are also a great way to complete difficult tasks thus challenging yourself to develop stronger problem solving skills.

Word games are of several types which are categorized as:

  • Letter arrangement games
  • Puzzles or paper and pencil games
  • Structured games
  • Linguistic recreations
  • Televised games

Letter arrangement games
In this game, the players are asked to form words out of a string of letters. The one who makes a highest score of words will be the winner. Examples of this type of games are Boggle, Scrabble.

Puzzles or paper and pencil games: Paper and pencil games such as puzzles, word searches or cross word puzzles are very popular among children as well as adults.

Structured games: Also known as word games, structured games focus on semantics of words. In this type of games, the players are asked to interpret the word, picture or action to solve the puzzle. Examples of this type of games are Taboo, Scattergories, Charades.

Linguistic recreations: These types of games offer a chance to test one’s language skills or build vocabulary without working too much on a puzzle. Examples are palindromes, homophone word games.

Televised games: In these games, the players are asked to spell different words. Examples of this type of games are Spellbee.

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