Benefits of Using Multi-panel Drug Test Kits at Schools

Implementing an effective drug testing policy helps in creating a drug free studying place as well as makes the future citizens to travel in a healthier path. According the statistics of NIDA, the increasing number of drug abusers among the teens is raising concerns every year. The use of dreadful drugs like Marijuana is more among the 8th, 10th and the 12th graders during the year 2010. Especially among the 12th graders it was at its highest point since the early 1980s at 6.1%, according to the survey. These alarming statistics are the live examples of the drug abuse trends among the school children, which raises the need of drug testing mandatory at schools.

Drug testing is an effective program which can be implemented during pre-admissions and can also be conducted randomly at different time intervals. Making drug testing a mandatory part of the institutes goals and objectives helps in controlling the usage of drug abuse, at least among the school children. Drug testing during the admissions makes the candidates seeking admissions in to that particular schools be conscious about it and hence keeps them away from drugs. If the student is tested positive, then the parents too come to know about the habit, as the admission will be canceled. This helps them to take effective steps to save their children from addictions and drug related problems.

Random drug tests can be conducted whenever others report of students abusing or when the school authorities found someone suspicious. This helps the authorities to take instant actions on the drug abusing children. Whatever may be the drug test, using multi-panel drug test kits to perform these tests is more effective when compared to the single panel tests. Since, these test kits are able to detect 2-12 drugs at a single shot they are always a best option to test teens. As teens they cannot afford for rare or expensive drugs, hence most of the drugs abused by them will belong to SAMHSA 5, hence use SAMHSA five drug test kits for accurate drug detections, especially among teens and students.

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