Want to Know About Maintaining and Caring of Tooth Brush?

Brushing helps you in maintaining healthy teeth and gums and prevents oral diseases. Brushing is done by the tooth brush having soft bristles and round shaped whether it is a manual or electronic toothbrush. Choose the toothbrush that makes you comfortable. Thus toothbrush plays a vital role in cleaning of the teeth as well as the tongue and also important to keep a tooth brush in good condition.

Some of the tips for maintaining and cleaning of tooth brush which could aid your smile stay and allow you to achieve whitening for teeth.

Wash your hands before touching and using your toothbrush that helps you in getting rid of the germs and also by using your thumb on brush with force in running water helps you removing germs from the brush.

Store your toothbrush in secure and separate place away from the remaining toothbrushes of the family as the bacteria or viruses can transfer from remaining toothbrushes to your toothbrush.

Wash your toothbrush before and after every use. Occasionally place your tooth brush in hot water so that germs which are residing in the bristles can be remove out.

Don’t use protectors for tooth brushes as it traps viruses, bacteria and humidity in the head of a tooth brush.

Clean the toothbrush by using mouth washes that removes bacteria.

Change the tooth brush for every 3-4 months which will help you in proper cleaning of your teeth.

Keeping your toothbrush clean will give you a whitened smile and can even assist you to preserve wholesome mouth.

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