Roles of Tutors in Organizing Online Tutorials

The role on a tutor is very essential for establishing a successful online tutorial site. The tutors must identify the necessary skills of the subject and responsibilities to deliver a good course for the learners and provide support to them.

The roles are:

On line tutor should be flexible and should know the value of online tutoring which is much more compared to traditional way of teaching.

The tutor must be aware of the concepts, principles and should be a subject matter expert for delivering a good quality course for the learner.

The tutor must encourage and support the learners by giving proper guidance, providing study material, giving directions and feedback to the learner if s/he has any problems related to the subject.

The tutor must develop an agenda by creating a time table and should be able to synchronize and handle a huge amount of information.

The tutors must have a formal tone for teaching, they must develop a plan for ensuring a delivery of good learning objectives and proper outcomes.

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