Add Fruiting Trees to Your Garden

Miniature plantsDid you get bore of having only flower or vegetable garden in your home? You can try to add fruiting trees to make it more interesting. Prefer to grow your tasty and favorite fruit tree in your garden. However, it is difficult to plant and care for fruit trees. So, better to go for planting some easy care fruit trees. Select tasty fruit trees which need has less concerns about fertilizer needs, insect infestation and so on.

You need a rich and well drained soil that is warm and protected from the wind. As you know, the fruit trees expand as they grow older. Therefore, remember to leave plenty of room for the trees. If you have less space, then you can plant dwarf varieties of fruit trees that do not grow large. They also need less maintenance, especially when you consider pruning. Some people also opt ‘duo’ or ‘trio’ planting where two or three plants are planted in the hole. Container growing is the other best option for planting fruit trees when you do not have larger space. However, it needs much care and maintenance.

miniature treesFor a good fruit garden, it is not just enough to plant the desired fruit tree. It is needed to plant several trees for cross pollination to have efficient yield from the fruit garden. You should also plant some flowering plants which attract bees and other insects that promote pollination. Pears, figs, apples, plums, sastumas and so on are some of the easy fruit trees that you can plant in your garden. However, consider the suggestions from your local garden store as to which ones are better to be grown in your area. Also find the fertilizer and care requirements to have an effective fruit garden.

miniature trees

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