Is it necessary to Practice Yoga Everyday?

This question often arises in the minds of people who are practicing. And I wonder why it arises? When people are more concentrated about what they are doing and the purpose for their practice there is no question of doing it regularly or occasionally. Yoga, like other form of workouts is a more natural way of exercise through which one can reap greater benefits. Unlike in all exercises, yoga has a remedy for almost every disorder and it is the natural way of treatment for all such ailments. With its versatile benefits, yoga became popular in almost every part of the world.

Today there are many people who are doing yoga as a part of their regular life style. The magic with yoga is once you are completely involved in the practice and once you get used to it, you don’t feel like the day is complete without a single yoga session. For such people, there is no doubt except to practice yoga regularly. Whereas for the beginners, it is often a doubt whether to do yoga regularly or is it enough if it is done twice or thrice a week. Let us see the solution for their questions in the following paragraphs.

All the physical work outs are advised either to do a daily practice of 30 minutes a day or a weekly practice of 3-4 hours. In both the cases the average time an individual spends for the exercise is the same. But when it comes to yoga, it is not as vigorous as the gym workout sessions, moreover its main aim is not only to burn the extra calories. It is a slow and steady form of exercise which helps to maintain balance between the body and soul. The yoga which is practiced during the early hours makes you feel fresh and positive throughout the day. If you practice yoga today you will be active today and what about tomorrow? You can’t carry this energy to the next day. However, after a consistent yoga practice one can achieve this state of continuously feeling energetic. But for the beginners it is essential to do it regularly without fail, so that the body and the mind gets habituated to regular practice which promotes the wellness.

Another advantage of yoga is, it can be done at any point of time of the day. May it be during early hours, afternoons, evenings or during the night, you can do it whenever you feel free and comfortable.

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