What are the food habits of rabbit?

Rabbits are one among the cutest animals of the world. They are also called bunnies. Most people used to keep rabbits as pets in their homes to enhance the beauty of home because rabbits are so cute, furry and are popular for doing fun and other lovable activities. Rabbits are more active than other pets in the morning and evening times.

Food habits of pet rabbits vary. However the common food for all breeds of rabbits is grass or hay. Mostly they eat food that is green. Rabbits not only eat hay grass and leafy leaves but also they eat fruits and vegetables. But the favorite food is carrots, green grass, strawberries and apples. Grass keeps rabbits intestinal tract healthy that’s why it always tends to eat grass.

In winter, if there is a lack of green grass it eats dried plants, twigs and bark.

As a pet owner, you can feed your rabbit twice a day with commercial rabbit pellets food( available in pet stores), fresh fruits and vegetables, grass and water for giving proper nutritional diet which makes your rabbit to grow healthy.

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