Is it Safe to Use Disposable Contact Lenses?

Disposable lenses are one of the most popular kind of lenses which are used extensively. Many people prefer to use these lenses as they are maintenance free. Once after use they can be thrown away so that there is no need to clean and store them for the next use. Till here everything is fine. Many people often have a doubt in their mind about the contact lenses. They are always in a dilemma to decide whether they are really safe for the eyes or not. Let us think practically. If they are really not safe, why do people manufacture them and why are they still in use? Aren’t these valid questions. Of course, yes. And the following are the reasons.

Instead of using the regular contact lenses which can be used for years and which demand high maintenance, these disposable lenses are a great advantage to the people who are always busy in their daily hectic schedule. Of course, even though one has tight schedule they are supposed to spend some time to their personal matters as a part of regular grooming activities. Hence, these disposables are meant for teenagers who do not care much for any thing and for the people whose profession pose a danger and cause damage to the lenses like the sports and athletics.

Disposables are of many types. They are available in both daily replaceable and extended wears. The safety in the usage of disposables lies in the way an individual uses it. When it is prescribed that certain disposables should be thrown after a singe use they should be thrown once they are removed from the eyes. Instead, if we ignore it and continue using the same disposables even after the completion of the mentioned time, the lipids and the proteins start building up on the lenses which may lead to poor vision. As the time of usage continues to increase, deposits will be more on the eyes which makes them prone to infections. These infections lead to several eye disorders and some times lead to eye damages.

So, the safety in using the disposable lenses lies in the hands of the wearers and not in the lenses and they are cent percent safe and healthy to use when they are used according to the prescribed times.

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