What is Gum Lift and Its Procedure?

It means removal of gums to make your teeth to appear longer for people who have excess gum covering to the front teeth and also for the upper lip that comes up when they smile. The appearance of healthy gums play an important role in making smile looks good. So the combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures will produce a remarkable and unexpected improvement in smile. This procedure can be done by dentist to reshape the gums to provide more pleasing smile on your face.

This is the simplest surgical procedure where the gums are lifted for improve not only the appearance of teeth but also the shape, size and the emerging appearance of your teeth. The procedure can be perform the in a single visit to the dentist. Healing is usually very quick. But the maturity of the final position, will take 12 weeks approximately.

This will dramatically improve gummy smile. This is most commonly required to be done for one or two teeth to create harmony and symmetry.

In olden days, it is very painful treatment, because the gums are not amenable to cutting and stitches, recovery but now the trend has been change to the lasers where the recovery is minimal. The patients can normally eat within a day because the pain relievers after one or two days after the procedure.

When the patient is getting treatment for other ailment, cosmetic dentistry, then it is more helpful to them. After the completion of the procedure it is important to follow the instructions by dentist. If not it will lead to infection.

When it comes to getting a gum lift, it is very important to choose the dentist carefully. For this, you need to check for the experience they have because to do the procedure correctly. The gum should not be lifted or removed too much as it can expose the areas of the tooth which are supposed to be below the gum line. Choose a dentist who has experience so that a gum lift can give difference in appearance to give truly beautiful smile.

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