Workplace Culture and Language Barriers

There are many multi-national companies that hire the people across the world irrespective of culture or language. This helps the company to compete and grow globally by understanding the perspectives of various cultures. However, this is possible only if you are able to avoid culture and language barriers in the work environment. So, do you want to know those barriers and avoid them? Then, go through the article.

Challenges in communication
The first and foremost language barrier is communication. It is very important aspect to express the views. But, culture and language differences hide this communication. Employees or workers who doesn’t have a command on that particular language feel difficulty in expressing their views or needs with their colleagues or employers. This becomes extreme for the workers who need to work with clients or costumers. Communication is also one of the language barrier for employability. Companies who hire the workers with no fluency in the language face several challenges.

Body language
Body language shows the culture of that particular country. It differs from country to country. This is very important for the employees to know the body language of the countries company he/she is working. Otherwise, this becomes the barrier for that person and sometimes make effects the companies in various ways.

For example, Shaking hands is a sign of respect in view of American employees whereas, it is not comfortable for few other country employees. So, body language is also one of the barrier.

Resistance of the workers or employees
Some organizations try to make the homogeneous workforce to more culturally a diverse workplace. Some employees may resist the change and cannot mingle up with it. This is one of the cultural barrier that keeps away the team work to the success of the company.

Evolution of groups
It is common in most of the workplaces that relationships are bonded to the similar culture people or the people who speak the same primary language. This makes other workers feel that they are excluded because of the culture or language barrier form their conversations. This is especially a barrier when the employees need to work in a group.

Management style
Adopting the management style is difficult for some employees with different culture and language. In some countries, asking questions to the superior is a sign of disrespect. However, for the superiors who considers the employees views language will be a bid barrier to convince them with his/her answers.

These are few language and culture barriers that make some workplaces growth decreased as they are the big barriers for such kind of businesses which particularly depends. A good solution to avoid language barrier in the workplace is to signup a foreign language course.

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