Tips for Buying a Used Car – How to Test Drive a Used Car

Test drive is a vital part of the decision while buying a car and it is absolutely essential. Before buying a car, test driving is necessary because most of us do not know what all the features we want in a car. By test driving, we can know some of the features we want.

Following are the tips that will help you make out of the test drive and make good decisions in buying a car.

  • Be an open minded one to take a friend with you so that he can also find some of the good and bad things in your car. Ask him to make a note on paper while test driving.
  • Take your own time for driving.
  • When starting a vehicle, allow it to warm up and start on a level and clean surface. If you won’t find any cranking then it indicates a starter or charging system failure.
  • Check the transmission fluids after the warm up of your car. If you find any bubbles on the dipstick, it indicates excessive air or breakdown inside the transmission.
  • Turn the vehicle off and check the colors of the oil. Mixing of oils and changing the oil into different colors meaning something is heading in the engine.
  • Start the vehicle and walk through around the car to find out the door jams or it is undergone in any accidents.
  • Even check underneath the vehicle for oil leaks.
  • Check all the electrical accessories and components such as HVAC system, interior and exterior lights, power locks, radio, windows, and seats are working properly or not.
  • Never use the radio while test driving because you will not concentrate on noises produced by the car.
  • You have to drive the car until the engine heats up to a certain temperature to expose problems.
  • Find out how the vehicle is going on in different areas such as streets, traffic, rock areas.
  • Find out whether the temperature gauge is working properly.
  • Take plenty of turns, sharp and wide to listen sounds raised by the cars.
  • Accelerate fast without flooring it.
  • Breaks are also important so check these too.
  • Check whether the back seats are providing comfort or not while seating.
  • Then write down all things on a paper.

The following day, test drive the car for the above reasons and note it down. Compare the notes of the two test drives and come to the conclusion for buying if you are satisfied with the features.

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