How to Prevent Voiding Your Tire Warranty?

Tires a car are one of the most important parts affecting the overall performance and safety. But nobody knows about how to prevent voiding tire warranty. If you don’t take tire warranty while purchasing, then you are supposed to spend much amount needlessly on replacement tires that should be covered by your warranty.

Following are the tips that will help you to prevent voiding your tire warranty.

Properly maintain your tires: If you don’t maintain your tires properly, it can void your warranty just as the improper maintenance of car can eliminate the warranty. However, maintenance of tire is easy to do. Whenever anything happens to your tire and you claim the tire manufacturers that the problem should be covered under the tire warranty, the first thing they wanted to see proof that you’ve kept your tires inflated, rotated and aligned properly in correct recommendations or not.

Park your vehicle in a safe area: Vandalism is another reason for killing your tire warranty. So take precautions in where your vehicle is stored or parked when you are away. Installing car security alarm, floodlights or motion detectors around your homes can help you to keep your tires in proper conditions.

Say no to racing and off-roading: Most tire manufactures do not give tire warranty when your vehicle participates in racing and off-road driving. Suppose you wanted to go for racing and anything happens damage to tires then you have to pay from your own pocket for replacing the tires.

Watch damages in snow areas: Suppose you live in an area where the snow conditions require snow chains, then use the snow chains but remember that the damages caused by these chains doesn’t covered by tire warranty.

Never ever do any modifications which are not in the manufactures brochures. If you do so, you cannot get all the claims.

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