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Myths about Electrical Vehicles

There are some myths about electrical vehicles in the public. In the beginning these vehicles are faced some of those problems and latter many of those are overcome. Now we will discuss some of the major myths about the electrical vehicles.

Get to Know Fuel Delivery System (FDS) of Your Car

The fuel delivery system is an important part of your car’s engine. The main function of the FDS is to send fuel to the engine. FDS comprises the fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel filters and and the fuel tank. The FDS makes sure to provide the fuel to the engine at a constant pressure and […]

Things Under Consideration While Choosing a Micronutrient Supplement

Did your doctor suggest to take nutrient supplements? Confused about choosing a nutrient supplement? Unable to evaluate things to check before buying a supplement? No problem. In this article, we will discuss points to help you in getting a better supplement for you. Make sure bear in mid the following points.

Vitamins Critical for Overall Brain’s Health

Everyone wants to store and recall memories. The storage of the memories in the brain will not be the same at all ages. As we age, our memory slows down and we forget some issues. This is due to the diet and functioning of the digestive system which reflects the proper functioning of the brain. […]

Safety Driving Tips During Earthquakes

Earthquakes are very rare natural calamities. It is very difficult to estimate or to know where the earthquake will happen. When driving if you realize something is wrong with your car and it is shaking or you see any cracks happening on the earth and to the nearby structures, then these are the signs of the earthquake. If you are driving when an earthquake occurs, the below tips will help you.

Food to be Avoided During Pregnancy

There are certain foods that should be avoided during pregnancy as they can be harmful for both the baby and the mother. As your immune system is affected during pregnancy, there is a higher risk of food poisoning. Your growing baby is also sensitive to the food that has high amount of mercury. So make a note on the food that should be avoided to ensure safe and healthy living of your unborn baby and yourself.