Vitamins Critical for Overall Brain’s Health

Everyone wants to store and recall memories. The storage of the memories in the brain will not be the same at all ages. As we age, our memory slows down and we forget some issues. This is due to the diet and functioning of the digestive system which reflects the proper functioning of the brain.

Every person needs healthy and nutritious diet for efficient functioning of the body and the brain. Thus, they should eat vegetables, fruits and non-vegetarian foods also to maintain healthy and nutritious body and brain. There is a wide variety of vegetables and fruits available naturally. Some vegetables like cabbage, carrot, beets should be consumed raw to attain maximum benefits of them.

Some vegetables should be semi cooked they lose vitamins in them, if they are over cooked.

But our digestive system will not be as active as it works in twenties. Everyone will face certain problems like digestive problems, due to usage of alcohol, tobacco etc.

At this time we need to depend on the vitamin supplements or multivitamins which have to be consumed as advised by doctor. These vitamins are needed in very small amounts in daily life. So the vitamins recommended by doctors are safe and healthy. Doctors suggest to take multivitamins like vitamin B and vitamin D for a person who smokes. It depends on the person’s lifestyle or person’s health condition to suggest vitamins.

Everyone should take doctor’s advice to take multivitamin pills. And better to discuss all the problems if any, like allergic reactions, skin rashes etc. with the doctor.

Multivitamins are the best ways to remain healthy. However, these tablets/capsules should be taken as advised by doctors in the prescribed format. Otherwise, it may cause adverse side effects rather than doing good.

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