Food to be Avoided During Pregnancy

There are certain foods that should be avoided during pregnancy as they can be harmful for both the baby and the mother. As your immune system is affected during pregnancy, there is a higher risk of food poisoning. Your growing baby is also sensitive to the food that has high amount of mercury. So make a note on the food that should be avoided to ensure safe and healthy living of your unborn baby and yourself.

Following are the foods that should be avoided:

Undercooked food should be avoided: As there is increased risk of food poisoning during pregnancy. Some food should be cooked until done. For instance meat contains listeria (type of bacteria) that can affect or infect baby, so make sure to cook meat until steaming.

Eggs should be cooked till the egg white and yolk are firm. If they are not cooked properly it will still have bacteria that can be harmful. Food cooked with raw eggs like raw batter, caesar salads etc., should be avoided. Sea food like fish should also be cooked until its flakes gets separated which will ensure that it is fully done.

Excess caffeine should be avoided: Caffeine is mainly found in chocolates, coffee and tea. It is also added to some drinks like cola and the drinks that provide energy. Caffeine if taken in excess can be harmful for the baby’s heart rate. Some suggestions from the studies say caffeine if consumed in excess will have harmful effects on baby’s growth and development. Limit the cups of coffees, tea, eating chocolates especially dark chocolates which contain high amount of caffeine.

Unwashed fruits and vegetables should be avoided: It is a healthy and better practice of washing of washing fruits and vegetables before directly consuming. All fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly to eliminate the bacteria if any. Avoid eating raw sprouts like mung bean, radish, etc., which can contain bacteria that can be harmful.

Peanuts should be avoided if pregnant woman is suffering from disease like eczema, hay fever or asthma. Unborn baby could develop peanut allergy when mother suffering from any one of these conditions eats peanuts during pregnancy.

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