Safety Driving Tips During Earthquakes

Earthquakes are very rare natural calamities. It is very difficult to estimate or to know where the earthquake will happen. When driving if you realize something is wrong with your car and it is shaking or you see any cracks happening on the earth and to the nearby structures, then these are the signs of the earthquake. If you are driving when an earthquake occurs, the below tips will help you.

  • Speed limit: Decrease the car speed gradually. Going at low speed will give the chance to think and react quickly.
  • Move to the road side: Slowly move to a side of the road. Remember you are not the only person on the road. During earthquake many drivers will get panic and drive. So keep an eye on the road.
  • Parking place: Parking place at roadside or anywhere is very important especially in earthquake. Do not park the vehicle under bridges, near to a building, overhangs, overpasses, trees, power lines or any other huge thing that has the chances of falling on your car.
  • Protect yourself: When you are in a parking place, come out from the car. Take a position side to the car and bend down low. Do not go under the car. Use the car as protection. If you are in a open place, stay in the car and wear seat belt.
  • Turn off your vehicle engine.
  • Put your hand brake on.
  • Listen to the updates, warning and advices from your car radio.
  • Don’t get panic, stay calm.
  • Stay in your vehicle until the shaking is stopped.
  • Do not drive until the local authorities declare that it is now safe to drive.
  • After the shaking get out of the car. Check whether there are any power lines fallen on your car before you get down. If there is any power line on your car stay inside and call the emergency or to the nearest concern person.
  • Check the passengers in your vehicle. Generally people are in a shock or panic, do your best to calm them and get them back to normal condition.
  • If there is any physical injury, attend them with first aid.
  • Call the emergency services only if there is an emergency. Because as it is they are attending thousands of people who badly need their help.
  • Do not drive through flood water after earthquake.
  • Do not drive over the large cracks on the roads, your car may get stuck.
  • Do not drive under bridges, overpasses, structures, etc.
  • If you are driving in a coastal area and near to the sea, drive to a safest place. Because tsunami chances are high.


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