Effective Recruitment Strategies

Recruiting is one of the crucial roles of human resource professionals. The organization’s level of performance depends on the effectiveness of recruitment. Every organization is developing and also following recruitment strategies for hiring the best candidate. A recruitment strategy should not only be well planned, but also be practical to attract talented candidates. This article discusses some important elements that an effective and successful recruitment strategy should cover.

Effective Recruitment Strategy
Following are elements that should be considered while formulating a successful recruitment strategy:

1) Identify and prioritize jobs
In every organization, the need for recruitment arises at different levels. It is a process that never ends. Filling all the positions directly and instantly is not possible. Thus, the need for identifying the positions in the organization arises, which requires immediate action. Further, for maintaining the quality of recruitment process, it is important to prioritize the positions or vacancies required in the organization.

2) Candidates to be targeted
The process of recruitment can be only effective when the organization identifies and understands the type of candidates required and benefit the organization. Following points should be considered when targeting the candidates for the job:

  • Performance: To focus on hiring good and high performers, various recruitment strategies are required.
  • Experience: When formulating an effective recruitment strategy, it should be clear about the experience level required for each job in the organization, because the candidate’s experience level range from fresher to an experienced senior.
  • Candidate’s category: The recruitment strategy should define clearly the category of the candidate required. A candidate can be categorized as unemployed, from the same industry, different industry, etc.

3) Source of recruitment
The recruitment strategy must define the source of recruitment, whether it is external or internal. It should clearly mention the source that is to be used for the various positions in the organization. The most effective source of recruitment is employee referral.

4) Experienced and trained recruiters
Human resource professionals who conduct the interviews and other activities involved in recruitment, should be experienced and trained for conducting thee activities in order to make recruitment process effective and practical. They should also have knowledge and awareness of the major skills and parameters like technical, behavioral, etc. This has to be focused when interviewing the candidate.

5) Evaluating the candidate
Evaluating the candidate is judging them in various fields. This is done by conducting various steps and rounds of interview like human resource interview, technical interview, tests, etc. and evaluating the result from the same. Based on this, you can select the best candidate.

Recruitment strategy is crucial for a business. This strategy pronounces the objectives, principles, and other aspects that are helpful to the organization. Therefore, it is important to formulate an optimal recruitment strategy.

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