Difference Between Yoga And Exercise

Yoga and exercises are different from each other. Both have its own purposes to be performed. The basic differences between yoga and exercise are:Fairy garden

  • In the physical exercises, oxygen consumption is increased, but practice of yoga yogic exercises reduces oxygen consumption.
  • The respiration rate falls in yogic exercises as they are done slowly. In physical exercises, respiratory system is made to work hard as they are done quickly.
  • The temperature falls down in yoga whereas physical exercises increases temperature of body.
  • The metabolic rate will be less in practicing yogic exercises whereas it is increased in physical exercises.
  • Yoga practitioners require less food than people practicing physical exercise.
  • Yogic exercises activates parasympathetic nervous system while physical exercises activates sympathetic nervous system.
  • Yogic exercises helps in creating inner awareness, whereas physical exercises do not do.
  • Yogic exercises develop flexibility and the ability to adapt to new environment if practiced correctly and they help in developing stamina.
  • Yogic exercises help to coordinate the endocrinal secretions and balancing the reactions and develops positive attitude in life.
  • Physical exercises tend to develop toxins whereas yogic exercises help in removing them.
  • In practicing yogic exercises heart rate and blood pressure decreases but in physical exercise they increase as the heart is made to work hard.

The results of yoga might be slow, but they have long-term benefits compared to exercises.

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  1. Aman Merican

    I feel the most significant & beautiful difference between yoga and exercises is that exercise focuses on muscular development for a youthful body whereas yoga focuses on the physical body as a vehicle for the passage through life

  2. roshna

    Really this is a very precise and beautiful comparison

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