Myths about Online Advertising

Ad serverThe surveys are showing that the internet marketing or online advertising are increasing rapidly. Most of the companies are increasing the spending on online Advertising. Still there are so many myths in the people and in the companies. Especially in the small and medium companies. Now we will see some of them in detail.

  • Online advertising is expensive: Most people feel that the online advertising is expensive. It is suitable for big companies only. The fact is, when compared to the traditional advertising, online advertising reaches a bigger number of people than the traditional, and are specifically targeted at people based on different criteria to the product or service.


  • AdserverCannot effectively target local market: The fact is online advertising offers a unique proposition for local businesses or advertisers or marketers. Location based applications and smartphones offer enhanced way to target the right customers. Kelsey or BIA’s March 2013 forecast of US local media advertisement spending reports that the online advertising place in local advertising will go on expand. They expect traditional spending drop to $107 billion from $109.4 billion in 2013. And the online spending is expected to increase to $25.7 billion from $23 billion.


  • Ad server solutionsBusiness does not belongs to Internet: Those days are gone. Today, almost every household is having a computer with internet connection. If the family contains one or few young people, they will have smartphones in their hands with Internet access at anytime. To search in a news paper, to watch in the television, to listen in the radio have to wait until the advertising is broadcasting. Thus, it takes some time. Contrarily, when you open the browser on your computer or search on mobile Internet, in a few seconds, you get the required information.


  • Intrusive: In the recent DAA survey, 70% of respondents said that they would like at least some ads tailored directly to their interests. When compared to generic ads for products and services, it is only 16%. When a targeted ad is delivered online, it will reach to the people those who are either truly have an interest in that product or searching for the service based on what they are do on the web. So it is not intrusive.


  • Online advertising is complicated: There is no need to be an expert to plan and execute an online advertising or marketing campaign. Good planning is essential for a successful advertising campaign, along with research and audience development. Prepare and do some homework and start small. Make specific and realistic goals that can be measured.

If you have any doubts about Internet marketing or advertising, research on the Internet, there is a lot of information available from different blogs, websites and publishers. But do not believe blindly in what others say.

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