Non-Pneumatic Tires: their Advantages and How they Work

The tires of an automobiles constitute an important component of the vehicle. Optimally inflated tires are good for higher engine performance by enhancing fuel economy. With the advancement in technology, tires that need no inflating have come up. In this article, we’ll discuss how these tires work and their advantages.

How non-pneumatic tires work
As the technology advancing the automakers are looking for more comfortable automobile parts One of the innovative idea is non pneumatic tire. When you hurry to reach workplace, you may come across situations like low tire pressure, tires getting punctured, flattened, or a blowout. To avoid such issues, the automakers come up with a new technology called non-pneumatic tires.

  • The non pneumatic tires are also called air less tire or tweel. It is known as tweel because its combination of the tire and the wheel.
  • A solid inner hub is mounted to the wheel axle. The inner wheel hub is surrounded by a polyurethane spokes arrayed into a pattern.
  • A shear band is mounted on the polyurethane spokes forming the outer edge of the tire. The tread are arranged on the shear band.
  • The shear band comes in contact with the road.
  • While you are driving the vehicle with non pneumatic tires mounted, the weight of the vehicle is handled by the shear band and the spokes.
  • When an the non pneumatic wheel put is on road the spokes and the shear band strength themselves and replacing the tradition air pressure tires.
  • When non-pneumatic tire is laid on the road, the spokes absorb the impact of the road.
  • The treads and shear band temporarily deform and the spoke bends and regains to its original position.

Materials used

  • These are made of different material depending upon the vehicle.
  • The shear bands are made of thermoplastic resins.
  • The treads are made of rubber and thermoplastic resins.
  • The inner solid hub is made of aluminum.
  • The spokes are made of thermoplastic resins.

Advantages of non pneumatic tires

  • Worrying associated with pneumatics tires – flattening, blowout are eliminated.
  • The material used for manufacturing of shear band and spokes are recyclable.
  • Involves less maintenance is required.
  • Low rolling resistance.

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