Making a choice of language for learning

The Need
There are as many as 6900 languages all over the world, ethnologue says. But people already have a language in their mind most of times they decide to learn a new language. They make a choice of language based on different factors. While many of the aspirants do it for fun, some of the people have serious objectives in mind while pursuing a new language. Most of them are people who wants to do it because they intend to travel those lands or having a stay there for a while. While there are many others who do it because it is important for them as it will help their business to go and their career to prosper.

Which New Language To Choose
Many of the have an idea of which new language to learn, but if you are still struggling over the decision, here is how people come up with a decision regarding which language to choose.

  • Business or career prospects : You own a business firm and you have a lot of foreign clients. Many of whom are not proficient in your language. Then you have to take a lead and try to learn at least few of the languages of your most important clients. This will lead to better understanding of your clients and you can serve them in a better way. Also your clients will appreciate the fact that you took pain and labor to learn their language and they will look out for a longer association with you looking at your commitment levels. If you are just an employee, do not demotivate yourself. You can do the same thing. Apparently your boss may get impressed by you and may send you as a part of a delegation which is meeting the clients or in other way around, he may promote you to some better position.


  • Interest based : Some of us choose the language because they are fascinated by some culture or they like some country and language. You just need to find your liking for some language. You should introspect and take time to ponder over it. Go through yourself and try to explore which culture you like, which country you like or the language which has drawn your interest since you were child. Though you can pick up a language randomly, giving it a pretty good reason will fill you up with enough motivation and enthusiasm.


  • Travel itinerary based : Holidays are approaching and you want to plan a trip with your friends or family or you have been planning long to visit a place. You have your choice figured out. Find out the places you have decided on your itinerary. It is not possible to learn whole of them in a small notice but yeas you can give try to at least few of them after completed learning the first one. This will make your trip more memorable and exciting. Along with this, this skill of yours will come handy during trip in lot of other things like inquiring about good hotels, food joints and new places.


  • Family and friends : Sometimes it may happen that some of your family members went abroad and settled there. Apparently your friends can do it finding some good career opportunities over there. You may need to visit them frequently over something or other. Then you should learn the language of that land. It is just like your second home. You are visiting it quite often. The people and your friends and family members will like you for the fact that you accepted their decision and trying to mold yourself to suit them.

Over the article we came to know how different people decide which language to learn. You can reason yourself with one of these or you may explore some good reason for yourself. The early you develop a reason, the early you will make a choice and get started. Time and tide waits for none, so make your choice today and get started.

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