Do Your Part to Reduce Water Pollution

Water pollution is contamination of water with chemicals and toxic substances that are dumped into the water system without proper treatment. Now a days, water pollution is one of the serious problems in the world. Here are some tips to reduce water pollution.

  • Toxic products such as chemicals, oils, petroleum products should not be disposed in toilets and sinks. Dispose off properly. Instead of disposing properly it is advised to use non toxic products.

  • Do not flush medicines, tissue papers, diapers into toilet as it leads to sewage problem and also water gets polluted. Dispose them properly to reduce water pollution.

  • Use environment friendly products for home cleaning and other purposes. It will contribute a part in reducing water pollution.

  • Do not use more fertilizers and pesticides for plants. Try to reduce their use. It reaches the nearby water system and pollutes water. It is advised to practice composting and use organic manure instead of fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Smoke from the vehicles release some toxic pollutants such as nitrates, carbon monoxide which enters the water system and causes toxicity to human when drinking that polluted water. Don’t keep your vehicle’s engine running at signals and contribute your part to reduce water pollution.

  • Automobile oil should be used properly. Maintain your vehicle to ensure there is no leakage of fuel.

  • Stop deforestation to reduce water pollution. Plant tress near your home as it controls the reach of drains to near by lakes or water systems.

  • Use water when need. Do not keep your tap water running when not in use. Reduce water use for washing. This reduces the water shortage problem as well as it reduces the treatment for waste water.

  • Do not use water packets. It is advised to keep one water bottle with you where ever you go. It reduces pollution related to plastic and also saves your money.

  • Do not use colored detergents and bathing bars. It also contributes to water pollution. Use only phosphate free soaps to reduce water pollution.

  • Reduce soil erosion by using conservation practices or best management practices.

  • Avoid using plastic bags. Carry a bag with you when you go out. Plastic bags cannot degrade in soil and this leads to pollution of water.

  • Strict rules and regulations should be maintained by government to prevent the dumping of wastes in industries into water system.

Follow all the above said points and contribute your part in reducing water pollution.

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