Temporary Orders During Divorce and When You Can Get Temporary Orders By Law

Temporary orders
Temporary orders are given to the couple if the case is taking a long time to move forward. It generally includes child custody, visitation of child and many other issues that are stated below.

At first, you should know for what purpose the temporary orders are issued by the court so that you can move forward. These orders will help you to use temporary property by the either of the partners and also orders the other spouse to provide spousal support until the divorce is approved by the court. Both the partners can approach for the temporary orders if they are of one opinion or otherwise one of them can approach to the lawyer for getting temporary orders. Note that, all states or countries may or may not have this kind or law. So, it is better to check if your state is having this kind of law and then move forward to approach a reputed lawyer.

When to request for temporary orders?
There are reasons that you can approach for temporary orders during divorce and some of them are listed here. Go through them and approach an experienced lawyer.

  • For child custody and spousal support: The court gives the temporary orders for getting child custody along with the spousal support if necessary. The child custody includes the financial support, individual needs, etc. It also considers the needs of child.

  • For insurance and health coverage: Temporary orders are also issued if the spouse is having any health issues and helps them get insurance and health coverage for their health issues.

  • For attempted parental relocation: If the spouse wants to relocate to other location, and if the the spouse needs financial support then, they can apply to the court and get the approval if it is for genuine reason. If the parent is relocating along with the child, there is a chance of getting the child support along with the financial support with these temporary orders before the divorce.

  • For parenting time: Temporary orders are also issued for the parenting time. That is, the time period when the child will be with either of the partners during separation.

These things you need to consider, which you can request for temporary orders from the court and there are some other things for which you can get temporary orders by the court. Make sure to seek the advice of an expert lawyer, if need be.

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