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Causes and Treatment of Tooth Decay

What makes tooth decay? Tooth Decay is a damage occurred to the teeth when bacteria enters the mouth and make acids that make holes called cavities in teeth. This is a major problem that most of the kids are facing today. This problem must be treated properly to avoid pains and effects caused by tooth […]

Candidate Suitable For Braces

Braces can be for any age group. Patients suffering from tooth spacing, crowding, misalignment or any other oral problems can go for orthodontic treatment. It is recommended for patients with oral health problems along with unorganized or protruding teeth. There are various reasons for the candidate to be suitable for braces, which are explained below. […]

Repair Your Damaged Teeth with Inlays and Outlays

Inlays and outlays are similar to filling. Inlays and outlays are used when half or most of the teeth biting surface is damaged. They are substitute to filling. Inlays are mostly used for indirect restoration of the teeth consisting of gold and porcelain which is fitted to the cavity of the teeth. Outlays are used […]

Facts About Tooth Whitening

Beautiful smile is anybody’s choice, which is not possible with yellow and stained teeth. This is the reason why teeth whitening procedure is opted by people. This article presents the different types of teeth whitening procedures and the risks involved in the treatment. Types of teeth whitening procedures There are two main types of teeth […]

For Whom is Dental Implants Suitable

If you are planning to replace a missing tooth or teeth, then dental implants is a good option. But it is better to discuss with your dentist first before getting the dental implant surgery done. Some dentists will decline to place implants for pregnant women, heavy smokers, alcohol or substance abusers and people with chronic […]

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) During Pregnancy

Pregnancy not only brings changes in physiology and hormones but also in your teeth and gums. Oral health should not be taken for granted simply because you are pregnant. Some treatment should be avoided during pregnancy but the treatment concerning the health of the teeth can be performed. Infections in root canal are the most […]