Know About the Benefits of Various Types of Barcode Scanners

Barcodes are commonly used in retail industry for inventory purposes. Devices used to scan barcodes are termed as barcode readers or barcode scanners. Various manufacturers are involved in providing different types of barcode scanners. Symbol barcode scanners, HP barcode scanners, Wasp barcode scanners are some of them which are used in various industries. Different types of scanners are available each having their own advantages. Let us know about some of their types and advantages.

Slot Scanner:
It is a fixed scanner used for reading barcodes on identification cards. The item to be checked is to be pulled on to the scanner. It has advantages in offices where the time-in and logging-in of employees can be checked.

The tips of the pen wand is to be moved on the barcode touching it in an even motion. Benefits of this scanner include easy handling, economy, durability, simplicity, and low cost.

CCD Scanner:
CCD in CCD scanner stands for Charge Coupled Device. These scanners are used in many retail stores. They have a better read-range when compared to pen-wand. They do not have any moving parts and hence are durable for a longer period.

Image Scanner:
It is also called as camera reader and is less expensive when compared to laser scanners. Image of a barcode is captured by a tiny video camera. An advanced digital processing is involved in decoding the image. The advantage of using this type is that, barcode can be scanned from a few inches away from the item.

Laser Scanner:
Laser technology is used in these scanners and are more advantageous than any other type. 500 scans can be done by a laser scanner per second. They can thus be used for reducing the possibility of errors encountered by manual checking. An item having barcode can be read from as long as 30 feet with the help of laser scanners. Symbol scanners are one of the most popular laser scanners in use.

Each type of scanner has its own advantages. So, based on the requirement, different scanners can be used in various industries.

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