What can Obama bring to science?

Besides bigger challenges on economy and foreign policy issues, Obama has also to cover much more sectors which have postponed crucial decisions till the election of new President. They all require immediate attention because they are going to lose a lot along with the delay.

As science and technology is one of them, it is our duty to estimate what he can bring to science and act or react accordingly. Obama’s speeches were very positive on issues with science and what I liked most among them is his “planet in peril” issue in one of his speeches regarding global environmental change, US wars on Asian countries, and most of all is the impact of financial crisis on new inventions.

If any one of you came across his campaign website regarding his plans for science, you can look at his positive promises like doubling federal funding for basic research and not distorting the results of scientific research for ideological ends, etc.

We have to still wait for some time for the President to implement his promises.

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