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Census Data On Jewelry Sales From 2003 To April 2009

The census data from the three sources (Jewelers Board Of trade (JBT), Bureau Of Labor (BLS), Census Bureau (CB) from the years 2003 to April 2009 is available. It reveals that: The government figures runs up to two years behind. For instance, the latest figures from the Census Bureau, which consists of the most complete […]

Main Features Of The 2008 Holiday Selling Season

As inflation has dissipated over the past few months, growth of consumer expenditures has also slowed from 2008. Highlights of 2008 holiday selling season are: Many jewelers informed that the number of transactions were reduced, but a perplexing number of jewelers reported that their number of transactions progressed slightly. Jewelry selling at the maximum price […]

Consumer Alert: Beware Of Obama’s Coins

Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration! People want to commemorate this big occasion with something big. So vendors are ready with their cool souvenirs. Check what items are out there as souvenirs. You have Obama’s hats, Obama’s buttons, Obama’s cufflinks, Obama’s T-Shirts, Obama’s coins… Wait a second did I say Obama’s coins? Oh yes! These coins were […]

Why Victoria Beckham’s Night Perfume failed in Market

We all know that recently Victoria Beckham night perfume released and failed in the market. It is developed especially for the woman. It is introduced in a pair with the version for men in last year. Intimately Beckham Night is packed in light purple, stylish and very sexy bottle. It has a new fragrance that […]

Save money on last minute holiday bookings

While booking a holiday, people become desperate to make sure they book everything in advance and not hesitate to pay more. As long as they enjoy the trip, they do not mind about the price. However, while returning from holidays many travelers find themselves asking whether they made greater value for money. Unfortunately, it is […]