Why Victoria Beckham’s Night Perfume failed in Market

We all know that recently Victoria Beckham night perfume released and failed in the market. It is developed especially for the woman. It is introduced in a pair with the version for men in last year. Intimately Beckham Night is packed in light purple, stylish and very sexy bottle. It has a new fragrance that is differentiated from other perfumes. Beckham Night perfume is for both men and women.

Fragrance is one of the main reasons for the failure of this perfume. The fragrance is same as products released early by Beckhams. At the time when this product is released in the market there was a heavy competition in the market. This perfume has failed to meet the requirements of the market.

This perfume is available for just 75 cents in the online. Beckham spokesman said that, this is not failed because of the odor. Nowadays majority of the people are not showing interest to buy the products in eBay. Everyone prefers to buy the products from the shop.

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