Five good ways to Time-pass

Whatever is the situation, there is certain amount of time we do not have any work and we just want to kill the time through different options. I personally spend my free time doing few time pass activities to relax my mind and body. The following are the five ways I use to spend my free time.

Music: Most of us love music. I like listening to music when I am free and enjoy the music while traveling, and doing some tasks. This helps in relaxing your mind and you can get relief from the work pressures.

Games: Games helps me in refreshing my mood and changes the thinking style, if I am playing any strategic games. With increase in technology, different types of games are available on Internet.

Reading: I like to read short stories. Only few people read books these days. Depending upon the interest you can read any book you like. Books help to change attitude of doing things and thinking.

SuDoku: I love this time pass. While playing a sudoku the time runs very fast or involvement in completing it is so much that you do not bother about the time.

Conversation: I love to talk with my mom or friends when I am free. I share my thoughts about anything and try to share my feelings with them. Interacting with others helps you to learn new things and you can view an issue in different prospective of others.

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