Does Reading Help In Reducing Weight?

Everyone has belief that reading helps in increasing the weight rather than reduction in weight.  While reading we sit at one place and sometimes we eat snacks while reading. Doctors also suggest no reading for overweighed kids. But this statement was proven wrong by a research where girls from age 9-13 have reduced their weight by reading.

Girls get teased by others due to their over weight and size. A group of 33 girls are taken and divided them into group. Few girls read book called LAKE RESCUE, for girls who struggle with self-esteem and feelings of isolation. Another group of girls asked to CHARLOTTE IN PARIS, which did not have an over weighted heroine and group did not read any book. At end of six months, all girls who read books had lost weight, but the girls who read LAKE RESUCE lost more.

Idea way to help others in reducing weight is motivating. In LAKE RESCUE, heroine learns to become healthier and develops a attitude that “I can do it”.  There are unconventional and useful ways like, reading, is not considered as good technique to reduce the weight from doctors to parents. From now onwards we have see whether the situation changes or not?

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