Why Real Time Strategies Aren’t As Popular In Gaming?

I know when first real-time strategy game was released in 1984 named as The Ancient of War. It was a brilliant try even though it was not as much successful as the turn-based games.

Though many real time strategies were released since then, most of them weren’t as popular. The main features which favor real time strategies upon turn-based games include

  • Providing additional challenge by the strategy of quick reaction.
  • No need to wait for turns to complete
  • Turn-based games are complex compared to real-time games.
  • Since they are real-time games, the gaming environment is realistic.

But turn based games are more viable in providing gamers with more time for planning higher degree moves; they provide fairer environment of gaming; they possess better artificial intelligence thus using much of the computer processing power.

Also, in the real time strategies, the win depends upon the mouse speed of the gamer. Thus making the gaming experience as the click-fest deal.

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