Are You a Good Listener?

Being a Good listener requires some qualities. Here are a few of them.

Don’t hiss, if you don’t like the show get up and leave. You may not get your money back based on your opinions. For example: the show was supposed to be live and it’s lip syncing. One exception, booing comedians is acceptable as a form of audience participation, but don’t heckle.

Learn to clap loudly and comfortably. Cup the palm of one hand and hit over the cup with the closed fingers of the other hand. This is similar to the clapping style of Flamenco dancers, and makes a soft popping sound.

Try clapping when a new group or person enters the stage or someone finishes an introduction. Clap every time someone finishes a trick, even if you weren’t impressed. Clap when someone messes up, especially when they make a quick recovery in there performance or steps.

If you see a standing ovation beginning, be first in your section to stand up, but don’t start one if you are sitting in the back because no one will see. When you are given an opportunity for audience participation, like singing the chorus of a song or to do ‘The Wave’, participate emphatically.

Showing appreciation can affect the performance of performer.

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