Importance Of Barcoding In Medical Administration

Barcoding is one of the new generation technologies that are extensively used across many fields. Using barcode technology can stop medication errors. Barcodes try to protect the ‘Five Rights’ of the patients i.e. the right patient gets the right medication in the right dose through the right route at the right time.

Right patient
Barcode scanning of patient’s wristbands with handheld barcode scanners helps in identifying the right patient. The wristbands with barcodes, which are provided at the admission point, are very important in tracking the correct patient during the treatment period in the hospital.

Right medication
Scanning barcode labels of prescribed medications that has to be given to a patient helps in providing correct treatment. In many circumstances, the ID of the supervising nurse is also scanned in order to test the nurse’s authority to give the medication to the patient. This prevents supply of wrong drugs to a patient.

Right dose
Recording details using barcodes helps in maintaining the proportion in the dose issued to the patient. This prevents further difficulties and side effects by decreasing overdose medications.

Right route
Right route is following right method of prescribed drug usage like pills, syrup, or intravenous (giving liquids directly into the vein) medication. Barcodes usage will help in reducing the unnecessary mistakes that may happen due to improperly shared and coordinated information.

Right time
The time of medication and the time interval is very important in medical administration. In condition where a missed or late medication has to again follow changed schedule of medication, Barcode technology helps in maintaining the consistency by providing the correct information.

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