Using Different Types of Dentures for Replacing Tooth Loss

People commonly face problems of tooth loss for various reasons. Based on the dental conditions of the person, different solutions are available for replacing the tooth loss. Fitting dentures is one of the solutions that is affordable and preferred by most people. Dentures are the artificial teeth that are fixed between the missing teeth by connecting to the mouth tissues.

They can be removable or fixed and are chosen based on the condition of the person. Fixed dentures are attached in the mouth by support of the adjacent teeth. Dentures are classified as standard, immediate, and Copper-Silver (CuSil) dentures.

Standard Dentures
Replacement of all teeth in a single arch is possible by standard dentures. The impressions of upper and lower gums are taken initially for making form-fitting denture plates. They are then fitted into the mouth. If necessary, then can be adjusted in further appointments. The back portion of the standard dentures can be removed for sizing the standard dentures. These dentures are mostly used for people who have lost their teeth.

Immediate Dentures
Immediate dentures are temporary dentures which are fitted immediately after extracting the bad teeth. The mold of gums is taken before removing the natural teeth for preparing the dentures. The partial immediate denture placed on the gums are used till they are replaced with permanent teeth. However, these dentures serve as permanent teeth for some people. Immediate dentures are attached to the adjacent natural teeth by a wire to provide additional support.

Copper-Silver(Cu-Sil) Dentures
These are partial removable dentures used for those who have a few missing teeth. They are mostly preferred for upper dentures. Cu-Sil dentures have holes that allow the natural teeth to push through. They are secured and supported by the adjacent natural teeth and are considered to increase the stability.

In addition to these types, implant retained dentures are used which are permanent and more durable.

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