What are Different Types of Partial Dentures?

Dentures are one of the ways of replacing your missing teeth. If you have a few missing teeth, you can opt for partial dentures. They provide proper functioning of eating and speaking. They also help in maintaining the shape of the face. The support for partial dentures is provided by the adjacent real teeth.

Partial dentures can be fixed or removable. Fixed partial dentures are attached permanently directly to the jaw or under gum tissue with the help of a dental implant bridge. However, it is hard to clean them when compared to removable ones. Removable partial dentures, also termed as removable dental bridges, are attached to the teeth. However, as they are removable, they can be cleaned easily.

There are different types of partial dentures. They include flipper partial dentures, flexible framework partial dentures, and cast metal partial dentures.

Flipper Partial Dentures
Acrylic plastic base, which is considered as the standard material for removable partial dentures, is used by the flipper partial dentures. The false teeth are attached onto this base. These dentures serve as temporary solutions for partial tooth loss. Flipper partial dentures are the most inexpensive ones among other partial dentures.

Flexible Framework Partial Dentures
These dentures use nylon-like materials in place of the metal and pink acrylic base. As they are unbreakable, they are durable for a longer time. They resemble the natural teeth as their base is colored pink. The natural teeth are also not strained by them because of the nylon base.

Cast-metal Partial Dentures
A metal framework is used in these dentures. The natural teeth surface can be slightly altered so that they are fit properly. Chrome cobalt is used most commonly for making these dentures as it has less chance to break. These are considered to be more advantageous when compared to flippers.

Any of these dentures can be chosen based on your needs and conditions.

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