Clothing Used for Bathrooms in a Hotel

The clothing used for bathrooms in a hotel must be soft to give the guests a good experience. They are a symbol of luxury to guests. To do this there are many types of clothes used in bathrooms of a hotel and they are given below:

Bath rugs:
The bathroom in a hotel can be decorated by using the bath rugs. They also protect the wooden floor and carpet from wall to wall destruction. Quality bath rugs makes the guests comfortable and prevents guests from having accidents in case of wet floors at slippery times.

Bath Mats:
The bath mat helps to absorb water and prevents the water spreading on to the bath room floor. They are inexpensive and they are also used for safety purposes. They are available in different designs, colors, styles and textures and they can be used for decorating the bath rooms in a hotel and are used to please the guests.

Bathrobe is a dressing gown which serves as both towel and informal garment. It is made from different fabrics such as cotton, silk, microfiber, wool and nylon. These can be worn by guest to a hotel in the morning or evening times.

Hook less Shower Curtains:
They are used to make a difference in a bath room. Shower curtains are normally made up of plastic and it enhances the look of the bath room. A hook less shower curtain does not have a hook. They are easy to install, clean straight line and easy to slide curtain along pole.

Bath Towels:
Towel is a piece cloth made up of absorbent fabric used for drying or wiping. A bath towel is used for drying the body after bathing, swimming or showering and it is some times called as a bath sheet. These towels can be made from the materials like cotton, rayon, bamboo and nonwoven fibers.

The clothing used in the hotel bathrooms provide comfort and luxury to the guests, hence proper care should be taken while selecting and maintaining the hotel clothing.

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