Simple Ideas for Decorating Birthday Cakes for Children Below Ten Years

A birthday is a special time to celebrate. Especially kids like their birthdays more. Kids mainly like the tradition of cutting the birthday cake. They feel more and more happy while cutting their favorite cake. Therefore, every parent wants to give the best birthday cake for their kids, as there is no bigger reward than the smile and happiness of their child on that special day. However, you need not use professional techniques to decorate your kids birthday cake. It is very simple, if you use your creativity. You can be creative enough to decorate the cake using colored icing and other accessories which can transform an ordinary sheet cake into a beautiful cake. If you do not have time for the preparation of the birthday cake or if you are not good in making cakes, you may bake a cake sheet from bakery and decorate that cake it to make it into a special cake.

There are various ways to decorate the cake to give it a beautiful look on your child’s birthday. But for that you need to know the likes, dislikes and favorites of your child. Most of the kids like cartoons pictures, so take this as an advantage to give a special birthday cake on their birthday. Know which type of cartoon is their favorite and buy that cartoon toy from toy store. Take a cake sheet and frost the choice of your fondant. Take the candies and sweets and place them on the cake to give special attraction for cake. Put the cartoon toy in the middle of the cake. To enhance the toy look decorate the rest of the cake using beautiful shapes like heart, star, sugar crafts and many more. Your child feels more happy and he will definitely enjoy to cut this specially decorated cake that resembles their favorite cartoon. You may also make entire cake into a shape of the doll or you can also buy this type of cartoon shaped cakes in the bakery.

Few kids like sports items and sports ground. If your child like sports item then you may decorate the cake sheet that resemble their favorite sports item. You may also create sport ground, for this you require rectangular sheet cake and few plastic figurines toys. Using the toys and sugar crafts models you can create a net, goal and spectators on the cake sheet. Ensure that the design and the decoration of the cake resembles the sports ground.

Like this you can decorate an ordinary cake sheet into special cake for your child to make them more happy. There are various ideas that can be incorporated into cake decoration. You can use their favorite movie style, their favorite car style, favorite animal and so on to decorate the cake.

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