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Aim Behind Doing Yoga

The main aim of yoga is to attain self realization and to break down the barriers that separates one’s individual self from the universal world. The aim or objective of yoga can be attained only once you get control over the physical, mental and spiritual senses. To attain this, one needs to follow the principles […]

Different Forms of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient physical discipline which is used to create a balance between body and mind to attain self enlightenment. Yoga typically means ‘union’. Union should be between the body, mind and the soul. Yoga involves different postures by the body which are called as ‘Asanas’, in Sanskrit. It is a set of techniques […]

Know How to Landscape with Rocks Along Lawn Edges

Among the many different ways of preparing lawn edges, rock lawn edging is one. It is mostly preferable for providing a natural ambiance to the landscape. The rock landscape edging blends to the natural greenery of the lawn. However, select the right sized and colored rocks which are suitable for the landscape area. Planning is […]

Know About Methods of Refrigeration

Refrigeration is a process in which work is done to remove heat from one location to another. It has many applications which includes household refrigerators, industrial freezers, cryogenics, air conditioning and heat pumps. Following are the different refrigeration methods: Cyclic Refrigeration: It consists of a refrigeration cycle in which heat is removed from a low […]

Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Nervous System

Alcohol, the most dangerous and an alarming problem to the present society is a drug which has got all the legal rights for consumption. This sounds like alcohol has got a legal authority of destroying the health of the people who consumes it. Even though many people are aware about its disadvantages and the adverse […]

How to Choose Glow Sticks for Different Occasions

Everybody knows how to use glow sticks for different occasions. But they may not be aware whether to select less expensive or more safety glow sticks. Since they are made up of different quality of plastics it is always advised to buy best quality of glow sticks. If you buy cheap quality there is an […]