How to Choose Glow Sticks for Different Occasions

Everybody knows how to use glow sticks for different occasions. But they may not be aware whether to select less expensive or more safety glow sticks. Since they are made up of different quality of plastics it is always advised to buy best quality of glow sticks. If you buy cheap quality there is an increased risk of crack and break of the glow stick. Since it contains some chemicals it is not that safe when the liquid spills out.

There are some factors which you should consider while purchasing the glow sticks for particular event. What you need to do is you have to decide the event first, then go for the glow sticks. If it is a party and you need your glow sticks to glow only for 4-5 hours it is enough if you go for cheaper ones. Since you use them only for decoration and for short glowing time they are not at all harmful even though if you buy cheap quality ones.

If you are purchasing for emergency situations, you need to store them for several days. So if you buy cheaper ones and store it for longer periods they may affect the quality of the glow stick and hence cannot work in emergencies. So for emergency situations it is always better to go for high quality glow sticks.

For party use glow sticks are packed with 50 pieces in one foil bag and for safety use each glow stick is packed individually in a foil bag. The foil bag protects the glow sticks from weather conditions and moisture so that they can stay longer for many years. Then only they can work in any sudden situations with out any fail.

Still it is always better to go for good quality ones irrespective of their occasion and even though they are a bit expensive than the low quality ones.

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