Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Nervous System

Alcohol, the most dangerous and an alarming problem to the present society is a drug which has got all the legal rights for consumption. This sounds like alcohol has got a legal authority of destroying the health of the people who consumes it. Even though many people are aware about its disadvantages and the adverse effects it shows on their healths, some people ignore them and destroy their health with their own hands and habits.

Although alcohol effects each and every part of our body, the majority of damage is done to our nervous system. So, lets have a look on how alcohol seriously effects our nervous system.

  • The main characteristic of alcohol is, it acts like a depressant which slows down the central nervous system and causes drowsiness and induces deep sleep.
  • Alcohol when taken quickly on an empty stomach results in memory loss, in which the person cannot recall important things and events. This impairment in memory differs depending upon the quantity consumed. The higher the consumption the greater will be the degree of impairment.
  • Regular consumption of alcohol may cause nerve damage which in turn results in numbness and tingling in arms and legs.
  • Alcohol depresses the nervous system by acting as a sedative and thus making the nerve cells in the brain less responsive.
  • Women are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol, when compared to men. The effects are seen more high in women abusers of alcohol.
  • Long term consumption of alcohol may some times lead to serious mental disorders and even lead to severe brain damage.
  • In some cases ability of hearing, smelling, tasting are seen to be decreased when alcohol is taken.
  • Alcohol intake also causes sleep, loss of pain perception, respiratory failure, coma and even death.

So, any thing may happen at any time for alcohol abusers. It is advisable that anything which causes harm to our body should be avoided.

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