Tooth Reshaping Brings Back Your Beautiful Smile

Is your chipped tooth or worn edges of the tooth affecting your smile? Then restoring a beautiful smile on your face is possible with tooth reshaping. Tooth reshaping or contouring is an instant treatment of cosmetic dentistry. It is helpful for individuals with minor dental issues such as small chips, slight overlaps, minor unevenness, shallow pitted surfaces, or worn biting areas of the teeth.

The procedure of tooth reshaping is simple and it requires only a single dental visit. However, the follow-up visit may be necessary based on the tooth condition. First, the dentist polishes the tooth surface enamel and makes the tooth in an appropriate attractive shape. Again, the edges of the newly shaped tooth are smoothed and polished. No pain is involved with tooth reshaping and it does not even need anesthesia. However, there may be a minor sensitivity to hot and cold for a few days after the procedure.

The main aim of tooth reshaping is to change the size or shape of the teeth so that the slightly damaged teeth or teeth which are out of proportion are set back into the alignment with the rest. Chipped or fractured areas of teeth are smoothed out with this. It is even considered a conservative way to improve the teeth. When compared to tooth bonding and dental veneers, this procedure includes minor changes, however, ensures a beautiful smile. Tooth reshaping is beneficial in many ways – it is quick, simple, painless, and inexpensive. However, too much enamel may be removed sometimes if the teeth are uneven due to tooth grinding. Get suggestions from your dentist if tooth reshaping is the right solution for your dental problem and get the procedure done to restore your smile.

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